A collection of 55 excellent photos, taken by Rich Dean, this summer. (2010)
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DSC 1572A

DSC 1588A

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DSC 1633A

DSC 1638B

DSC 1650A

DSC 1675B

DSC 1690b

DSC 1704A

DSC 1831

DSC 1845B

DSC 1863A

DSC 1965B

DSC 1990

DSC 1991A

DSC 1995A

DSC 2006A

DSC 2045A

DSC 2070A

DSC 2071A

DSC 2153A

DSC 2160A

DSC 2167B

DSC 2182A

DSC 2216A

DSC 2228A

DSC 2235A

DSC 2244

DSC 3843

DSC 3844

DSC 3868

DSC 6819A

DSC 6937A

DSC 6990A

DSC 7000A

DSC 7027A

DSC 8658a

DSC 8678a

DSC 8696A

DSC 8708

DSC 8789A

DSC 8812A

DSC 8863A

DSC 8876

DSC 9219

DSC 9236

DSC 9237

DSC 9241

DSC 9242a

DSC 9320

DSC 9360

DSC 9436

DSC 9470A

DSC 2621B

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